Best Reads of the Week

Here are a few of the best things we read this week.


Networking is overrated. 

I hate networking. The constant back and forth pitching and "What's in it for me?" is exhausting. I do, however, love meeting new people who are doing interesting work. Adam Grant explains how doing great work helps you build a better network than being the hit at a cocktail party.

The best networking happens when people gather for a purpose other than networking, to learn from one another or help one another.


Tidy up.

Spending money on things that increase your happiness is a fundamental rule of good financial planning. Marie Kondo shares some ideas with Outside Magazine on how to ensure that we appreciate our possessions. 

By learning to deeply appreciate what you have, you make fewer unnecessary purchases and upgrades.


What does Warren Buffett look for in a person?

Warren Buffett is a master at taking really complex topics and simplifying them in a way that makes you wonder how you've never thought of that before. In this article, Shane Parrish explains Buffett's process for evaluating people.

You’re looking for three things, generally, in a person – intelligence, energy, and integrity. And if they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.
— Warren Buffett