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Who is a typical client?
Our unique fee structure allows us to work with a wide range of clients who aim to simplify the financial aspect of their busy lives. That being said, many of our clients work in the education and medical fields.

How do you get paid?
100% of our compensation comes directly from our clients. That means no commissions, kickbacks, or incentive sales trip to Maui. 

You're a small, independent firm. Is it risky to hire you?
Fortunately, technology and industry advancements have made operating a small, independent firm like Plimsoll much more feasible. Our client's assets are held at TD Ameritrade and we use investment companies like Vanguard and BlackRock.

How often will we meet?
After the onboarding process, in which we meet more frequently, we prefer to meet with clients three times a year. We are also available by phone or email.


What should I bring to the first meeting?
Questions! And any information that you'd like to share. Our first consultation is specifically designed to determine if we can help. After the meeting, we'll both take 48 hours to decide if the relationship is a good fit.

Do you work with people outside of Birmingham?
Yes, absolutely. We are equipped to meet with clients virtually using video conferencing and screen sharing technology.

Do I need to have a certain amount of money?
No, we have no minimum account size for investment management. Because of our split fee structure, we can offer comprehensive financial planning to clients for an affordable monthly rate. This also allows us to work with clients who want transparent financial advice, but don't yet have huge amounts of investable assets.