Our Process

A Look Inside

Meeting 1 ... Why are we here?

"What's your definition of success?" 

For most people, that's a tough question to answer, and no two answers are ever the same.  For us, it'll be the driving question behind the first meeting.

Our goal will be to learn some background information about your past experiences with money and get a big picture view of what you hope to accomplish moving forward. 

After all, what good is a prescription without a diagnosis?

financial planning meeting

Meeting 2 ... Find our starting point.

Next we'll take an inventory of your assets, liabilities, and main concerns to determine our starting point. Through this organizational process, we'll begin to use mind maps to build a clear, concise view of your current financial life.

financial planning organized

Meeting 3 ... Begin building the plan.

Using your vision, resources, and input, we begin crafting a financial plan designed specifically around your values and goals.

As we build out your financial plan, we'll be able to assess tradeoffs and make calculated decisions using real-time analytics. This helps you visualize the impact that your choices now can make on your life in the future.  

financial planning building


Meeting 4 ... Where's your money going?

Ignoring cash flow management can wreck even the best designed financial plan.  We'll help you develop and implement a system that automates your monthly expenses and allows you to enjoy living today, while also saving for tomorrow. 

cash flow budgeting

Core Areas of Focus

Education Planning

Planning for an expense like college can be overwhelming. We'll help integrate your college funding goals into your overall financial plan, so that you can stay balanced in all areas of your financial life. 

Risk Management

Insurance needs can change frequently and drastically as time goes by. We'll be there to ensure that you have the right plans in place to reduce your stress and exposure to unexpected events. 


Tax Planning

Working closely with your CPA or using one of our referrals, we can help you plan for the long and short term when it comes to tax planning. This collaboration can help increase optimal tax efficiency each year. 


Estate & Legacy

We work together with your estate planning attorney to ensure your wishes are understood and documented.  Having clarity about these tough to discuss issues can significantly reduce stress at any phase in life.  


Philanthropic Planning

Most people, given the opportunity, would love to make a lasting impact on the issues they care most about. We give you the confidence and knowledge to maximize those contributions and align your giving with your values.


We'll create a centralized strategy for your investments that carefully considers all of your goals. Our unique pricing model allows us to be agnostic to where your investments are held, thus ensuring that you're getting objective advice.

Ongoing Planning

3 Meetings Each Year

Life can change fast and frequently.  In order for us to help you seamlessly align your financial life with your actual life, we find it best to stay proactive. We prefer to meet with planning clients 3 times per year, either in person or by video conference.

Phone & Email Support

We want to be your first call when big financial decisions pop up.  Available by phone or email, we always get back to you with a meaningful response within 24 hours. Additionally, we'll periodically reach out to share things we think you'll find relevant. 


A weekly email newsletter.

The internet is a distracting place, especially when it comes to learning about financial planning and investing. Every Sunday we help you filter the noise by sending you a list of the best things we've come across throughout the week.