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Joining 1% for the Planet

Plimsoll recently pledged 1% of revenue to organizations focused on solving environmental problems. Here’s why.

$6,000 Apple Watch?

That’s right. I almost got tricked into spending $6,000 on Apple Watch. Ironically, I wasn’t even shopping for one. Here’s how it happened.

Five Questions

What would a good day look like?” That’s one of five questions that Atul Gawande thinks people facing a terminal illness should be asked in the early stages of their treatment.

What's your barometer?

Social media is our generation’s greatest addiction. Not only are we addicted to the mindless minutiae of repeatedly checking our accounts, but we also seem to be increasingly measuring our own happiness by what others are posting on our News Feeds.

In Layman's Terms: Fee-Only

The phrase fee-only” is industry jargon that people not working in finance probably don’t understand. To know what fee-only” means, you’ll need to understand the fee” part first.

Price vs. Cost

One of the most frequent questions that comes up during introductory meetings with prospective clients is How much does this cost?” Rightfully so.

The Right Tools

When my wife and I started looking for houses last spring, we met our friend and realtor for coffee to talk about our list of preferred areas and must-haves for the house. As we were wrapping up, Laura remembered one thing that we’d failed to tell him, which was pretty high on our list: big, old trees.

Why Independence Matters

If a financial planner is tethered to a limited product list or an unequal compensation arrangement, how can their advice be in the best interest of the client all the time?

19 Questions

19 questions that consumers should ask any financial professional they are considering hiring, answered.

The Fiduciary Rule is here. Sort of.

If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve most likely heard about the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick refresher…

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